गोष्ट जन्मांतरीची …२००६


From: "Mayuresh Deshpande"
Story 'Goshta...'chi...
Thursday, April 20, 2006 12:42 PM

It was another year of a successful Natak by BMM .

The show was as always a sleek performance which the spectators applauded wholeheartedly. We had a record turnover this time of 260 and I'm glad to report that none of them reported any major discontent on the program which I think is quite an achievement.

Direction: Gautam as always put his heart into this and transformed a lengthy 3 act play into a compact action packed 2 act play.. Gautam always needs better challenge every time. He took that challenge and passed it with flying colors. It was sprinkled with some typical Director cuts, with some well thought compositions, some highly dramatized dialogue clashes and some well worked out pauses which added so much to the content without words. But I think the master stroke was the end that was devised. Gautam turned it on its head to make it a very lasting, lingering (Chatka lavun Janara) and memorable end.

Set: Vinod, Dilip and the team worked silently like every time and came up with a complete different set this time with blue color and gave a perfect look of a sidelined Hotel. Besides our regular great artist touch by Uttam and others, this time we had Mrs. Aditi Sathe create a wonderful backdrop scene which provided a much needed depth and setting of a hill station. This year we have made the benches sturdier, stronger and flexible. Kudos to the team. (BTW, Dilip also guest starred in the play)

Music: Vasudeo 'Kaka' got the well deserved opportunity to provide music to this play. We had always known his prowess and deep understanding in Natak & Music. And I'm glad that he got it for this play, which required music to play a special part to give it the much needed haunted mood. It was as important as having a separate character in the play. Some mixings that he did to give the 'magcha janma' memories was classy. Wonderful.

Lights: This year we tried something new. . We actually bought two lights (fresnels) and dimmers to add much needed color in the play to make it sound unnatural. Something we as a team can now boast about. It was a worth investment. Jayesh & Ranjeet played an excellent part in making the designs a reality. These two were excellent addition to our Natak team. People said the effects really gave the play a different dimension.

Last but not the least the Performances:

Rajendra: As Gautam mentioned he was the backbone of the play. If he had come out weak, the play wouldn't have achieved the desired effect. His calm and composed  character really worked for him on this role. He could effectively tie all the different ends of the play into one and showed a remarkable disciplined approach towards the play.

Prasanna: If Rajendra was disciplined so was Prasanna as he always is. Very meticulous and thoughtful about the minor details that he can put in this role. But unlike Rajendra he had to perform something that is completely inverse of his character. For someone so affable and helping to play a character of a strong headed and arrogant businessman was a steep challenge but Prasanna marveled at it. His bearing of the character was flawless and consistent till the end. 

Gouri: What can we say about her? We are so used to see the professional ease and variations portrayed by her it has become a routine for us. That still shouldn't take away the way she made an impact on this play with a rather submissive and 'away-from-action' character. She did of course have her patent monologue and filled the theatre with an exceptional silence to get the attention on that.

Ashwini: Umhr…umhr.. (Ghasa saaf kela!) :o) I know now how Gautam would be feeling on stage every year to talk about Gouri. This year it was Ashwini's character to have maximum variations written by the author. She did a wonderful job in bringing those out. She was very convincing in her role as a demotivated & frustrated wife, one who is in love whole heartedly with a stranger and as a rich & spoiled wife with all her tantrums. I was walking in air after the play when people were looking at me as "Prafulla's real husband"! :o)

Sachin Buche: Yeh Apna Naya Hero hai Bhidu! I don't know if you were following cricket very closely last year but there was a new find on the ground last year for his awesome batting. And this year it is a good find for our Nataks in future. He looked very apt for the role, young & handsome and did a very good job in his first play.

Sagar Kachole: Sagar was our find from last year's Ganpati Ekankika. He was the most popular character amongst all of them this year as he earned all the laughters & applauds with ease and was a source of major relief in otherwise tense Play. Any comic role in future for BMM Natak, he's a very likely candidate! :o)

Sunil Mundle: Last year he was wearing Shirt, Lenga, but this year he compensated all that with a tie & formal dress the whole play. Sunil did an excellent job in his role as Sambhaji, looked very convincing for the character and is now is at a lot of ease on the stage. His interactions with Neminath & Eeshwara generated a lot of laughter and he's a very popular actor in the mob like Vishal was all these years.

Ajay Deshpande: Another newcomer who filled the position very well. Like Neminath his role was to provide relief in the play and he did it convincingly well.

"Nchiket” He wasn't on stage this year but his contributions were not minimal. He was effective as usual with the poster and this year he took charge of the video shooting. When the DVD comes I'm sure we'll appreciate his work . Sandeep also helped Nachiket this year for the shooting.

Mayuresh Deshpande


“डॉक्टर तुम्हीसुध्दा .??? “ २००५


From:   Sameer Dandage 
Sent:   Monday, April 04, 2005 8:57 AM
To:     Gautam Karandikar
Subject:        Great Job

Hi Gautam,

Just wanted to take a moment to personally and on behalf of my non-Marathi wife congratulate you and the entire team for the great performance yesterday. With the resources that you folks had, you all did fantastic.

Specifically, I would like to comment on the following -

The choice of a serious and thought-provoking theme was a very welcome departure from the current norm of easy, light comedies. Such a theme demands more (in my opinion) from all - the director, the technical team, the artists, as well as the audience. I wanted to convey that you have our full encouragement to go further with such themes and we would look forward to future performances.

The thought that went into making all the arrangements to ensure a serious atmosphere is commendable - baby-sitting, TV outside and specific requests to have cell phones off etc. - all that is very essential to the delivery of the performance. In fact, I thought you could insist on further compliance with those requirements. A baby crying in the middle of a serious scene can really dilute the effect tremendously.

A special mention is in place for the excellent choice of background music - that drastically enhances the effect, along with lighting.

The sets were innovatively designed to combine simplicity with the desired effect of compartmentalization.
The synopsis hand-out was also well done and it helped especially non-Marathi speaking people like my wife.
And last, but not the least - the vada pao was also good.

We realize that a lot of thought and effort need to go into the impactful delivery of such a performance and we sincerely appreciate that of your entire team. Pl do convey to them - each one and all.
Congrats once again and all the best for the future.

Sameer Dandage


From: "Sandeep Gore"
Excellent performance!!!
Monday, April 4, 2005 10:02 AM

Naatak team,
Excellent performance yesterday!!!
Everybody did his/her part perfectly. Some scenes to mention:
Ratna Pawar's entry scene with Avinash: Kudos to Deepa! The scene was so engrossing that one did not realize it was only Deepa's dialogue (or should I say monologue) and Nachiket was only reacting mutely to her anguishing account.

Suresh Pawar's entry: Vishal was unbelievable, well, I should say most believable! The costume, dialogue delivery and the mannerisms were perfect!

Avinash and Vaidehi's scene: Splendid performance by Gouri! The scene was tremendous, displaying a range of emotions. Nachiket spoke little but made the impact that his character is supposed to make. 

Shirish's outburst at the end: Mayuresh took the play to its crescendo with this scene! This scene left the audience stunned.

Good support by Vasudha, Sunil, Anuradha, Satish and Vasudeo, Vijay and Shailesh. Background music by Anand was nice. Lights by Rahul Shinde were good. Although I felt that the blackouts were slow. The set, as usual, simple but effective! Good job by Vinod, Uttam, Aniket, Dilip.
Splendid direction by Gautam! He knows his stuff and gets it out from his team perfectly!
Sandeep Gore

From:   Abhi Shende 
Sent:   Tuesday, July 05, 2005 10:43 AM
To:     Gautam Karandikar
Subject:        FW: Dr Tumhisuddha : Ekankika

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard from my Atlanta base friends…….. Your team did great job. Everybody is talking about it…….


From:   Shailesh Joshi 
Sent:   Tuesday, July 05, 2005 9:53 AM
Subject:        Dr Tumhisuddha : Ekankika

Great Job in Atlanta

Riveting performance! Mesmerizing experience!

Three cheers to Gautam & Team... Hip Hip Hurray!



ऋणानुबंध २००४


From: Vandana Naik
To: bmmandal

Congratulations to everyone that was involved in the Marathi Natak which I got to see last Sat. It was a job very well done!!!! From acting to direction to background music to lighting and sets and even the refreshments were excellent.

We have been living in this town since 1987 and in this area since 1978 and have been one of the very few "marathi" families. So it was really a "treat" to witness such a marathi play in our own backyard. It was done upto a proffessional standard.

Keep up the good work !!!! and once again HATS OFF TO EVERYONE INVOLVED!!!!!!!!!

Vandana Naik


From: Santosh Khode
Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2004 8:52 AM
To: Chandrashekhar Vaze; Gautam Karandikar; Nachiket Sardesai; Abhijit R Nerurkar
Subject: Hats off to Extraordinary, Fabulous Performance

आपल्या सर्वांच्या अभिनयाला हा त्रिवार मानाचा मुजरा…......
Yesterdays performance really deserved standing ovation...
नाटकाचा विषय तर हेलावून टाकणारा होताच आणी तितकाच ताकदीने सादर केलेला आपण सर्वांचा अभिनय ………वाह…वाह…..!!!!!!!!!!
CV आपण आम्हाला अतुल परचुरे ची आठवण करून दिलीत. ....THANKS
नचिकेत तुमच्या बाह्य व्यक्तीमत्वाला साजेशी भुमिका आपण अजरामर केलीत....
अभिजीत तुमचा मामा खास जुन्या पुणेरी वाल्यांचा खाक्या दाखवुन गेला…..:-))
आणि गौतम आपले आभार मानायला आमचे शब्द तोकडे आहेत...
आपल्या सर्वांच्या अभिनय कौशल्याने आम्हा सर्वांचे डोळे भरुन आले…ही आमच्या मनाच्या दुबळेपणाचे चिन्ह नसुन तुम्ही केलेल्या तपश्चर्येची पावती समजवी…….........
Three Cheers For Runanubandh
आपला चाहता,


From: Shirish Pande
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2004 3:48 PM
To: Gautam Karandikar
Subject: Runanubandh!

What a show! You might be tired of hearing this by now, but it was and so it should be said!

People cried! I always thought, what power, to be able to do something several meters away, which rational thinking humans know is not true and yet making them cry by making them believe! This is the first time I saw a live play done by people I know (heck, people who are software professionals for that matter) and saw people crying!

The most telling comment overheard from someone - "If I had gone to see full-time professionals do the same play in Rang Mandir (Pune), it couldn't have been any better!"

The risk of taking a serious subject and showing it for 3 hours, probably for the first time here wasn't easy! I haven't seen a serious play being done here in all the time I was here!

Congrats and in whatever mode possible, it would be great if you could convey it to the whole team! It would be criminal if this show is not done in several other places!

From: Atul Karkhanis
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2004 8:45 AM
Subject: Runanubandh 

It was the best Marathi play which I have witnessed so far.

I should say, it was  nothing different than the Marathi plays we watch at BalGandharva or Tilak Smarak.
The only difference there would be the revolving stages for different situations, else no difference at all.
 CV's act in the play was incredible, and the audience accredited him with thundering applause.

On the other hand debutant Nachiket rode far ahead of the veterans here; he was the best in the Play.

Aplya Mayryani sahi lajaiche kam kele ani LINE marat hota stagevar. Good show by him too!

Personally I would rate the play as 4.5/5.



From:   Mohit Potnis 
Sent:   Monday, April 12, 2004 10:53 AM
To:     Gautam Karandikar
Subject:  runanubandh


Congratulations to you and Gauri ! That was a magnificent show.

I have seen the efforts you both take as individuals and as a family into producing the NATAK. You invested 1/3rd of a year in this project.

This was another wonderful result. Doing a non-farsical act was a difficult task. The thunder of the applause was evidence for your efforts that the act was an example of  perfection. This was another of those superb first-class shows.

"Saat samudra palikade tumhi ha marathi rangamanch ubha kela tyabaddal amhi manahapurvak abhaar manto ! "
It was a privilege to watch the show.




From:   Mohit Potnis 
Sent:   Monday, April 12, 2004 11:02 AM
To:     Anand Dharmadhikari
Subject:        runanubandh

जोशी बुवा

लय भारी ,वरचा क्लास….किल्लि अजुन आहे की…………..

डायलॉग भारी होतेच पण डिलीव्हरी अती उत्तम होती….

अभिनंदन !
~मोहीत पोतनीस


From:   Saju Raphael 
Sent:   Monday, April 12, 2004 12:13 PM
To:     Gautam Karandikar
Cc:     Nachiket Sardesai; Mayuresh Deshpande
Subject:        Reg: Professionalism & Team Work

Hi Gautam,

The event was well organized and high level of professionalism was portrayed. I was spell bound by the team work.
Thanks for inviting me.

Saju Raphael


From:   Vishal Dahalkar 
Sent:   Monday, April 12, 2004 9:09 AM
Subject:        आम्ही पामर काय बोलणार ?

शनीवारी हेडन ला जे काही झालं……ते स्वप्नवत होतं.जास्त नाटके पाह्यली नाहीत .पण तरीही म्हणु शकतो ……इतका व्यवस्थीत, इतका smooth,इतका polished performance professional नाटकामध्ये पण क्वचितच होत असणार.

नाटक चालू असतानाच्या काही प्रतीक्रिया….

- "त्याला मारणार का ही लोकं ? मला बघवणार नाही ..मला बाहेर जाउ द्या.
- प्रदीपने अरुंधती वर हल्ला केल्या नंतरचा हॉल मध्ये झालेला pin-drop silence....
- आप्पासाहेबांना कोंडीत पकडल्यावर ..आनंद च्या “चावी टेबलावर ठेउन जाउ, की खिशात ठेउन राहू “ ला मिळालेला उस्फुर्त applause
- आपा आणि प्रदीप शेवटी उभे राह्यल्यावर जे म्युझिक वाजलं तेंव्हा आमच्या पुढच्या तीन रांगेतली लोकं मागे वळुन म्हणाली …”सहि रे…”
- 'तुम्हारी हिम्मत की दाद देता हूं ! असा विषय घेउन तो easily पेलून दाखवलात “ ईती शिरिश पांडे

Hats off to Gautam... Gautam each one of us delivered... but
"YOU DID IT"....

विशाल डहाळकर


From:   Roger Alexander 
Sent:   Monday, April 12, 2004 3:57 PM
To:     Nachiket Sardesai
Subject:        impressions


Kathy and I both enjoyed the drama.  We understood more of the last part, than the first.  The humor we didn't understand because it requires more knowledge of the situation.  The last three scenes we understood the most:  the father is trying to convince his second son to kill the eldest son, the second son refuses.  The eldest son dies, apparently.  The second son suspects the father, the father suspects the second son.  The aunt confesses that she did it.  (Kathy felt the aunt was the mother of the eldest son, I didn't.)  The father is broken hearted at his mistake.  The eldest son is not dead, it must have been a mistaken death. 

I thought the young man with the key was being a crook from the way he was twirling the key, but I didn't understand why everyone laughed, so I wasn't sure of my feelings.

In the scene with the man in the suspenders and the younger man, we understood that the eldest son caused a problem.  But we didn't know that the younger man was a suitor for the young lady and that the marriage was now off.  We also don't know why the lady with the baby was in the house.  Some things we just couldn't pick up from body language and tone.

But it was well done.  We enjoyed the native dress of the actors and actresses



From:   Len Williams 
Sent:   Tuesday, April 13, 2004 10:03 AM
To:     Nachiket Sardesai
Subject:        Drama

Hi Nachiket,

I wanted to thank you for inviting me to the drama on Saturday.  It was a very rewarding experience for me.  As you know, Marathi is not one of the languages that I speak.  It is true that if I spoke the language, I would have experienced the drama differently.  However, I believe that many people put too much emphasis on our differences and not enough on the things that we share in common.  What I experienced is that ,irrespective of culture, we share the expressions of emotion.

Although I didn't always have the minute details of the story correct, I was able to follow the general story and experience the emotions of the characters.  This credit goes to you  the director and other actors for being able to convey a story that transcends language and culture.  This should be proof that it was a job well done.

My relationship with the Indian culture started in college with a sociology professor that I had - Dr. Khatri - whom I have never forgotten.  I feel very fortunate to have continued my association with the Indian culture through friends and colleagues.  I believe that it is necessary to experience other cultures, points of view and beliefs to test the things that you believe.  Sometimes the things that we believe remain true and sometimes those beliefs are called into question.  Either way, it is the journey and experience that is truly rewarding.

Again, thank you for extending the invitation and please express my gratitude to your fellow actors and Gautam, of course.

P.S.  I'm glad that I know you better because that character Appa is horrible.



From:   Sameer Dandage 
Sent:   Friday, July 13, 2007 8:46 AM
To:     Gautam Karandikar
Subject:        runanubandh

Hi Gautam,

I had missed the actual performance of the Runanubandh play when it was done a few years ago by BMM. My parents are in town now and so we thought that we would see the DVDs of that play. We borrowed the DVDs from our friends here and just completed watching the play.

We were all very impressed by the performance and my mom insisted more than once that I should convey our hearty congratulations to all those who had participated in the making of the play, and hence this email to you.She was really appreciative of the quality of acting , direction, sets, music et al. Fantastic job….

Only suggestion would be to do something about the DVD audio (I don’t know if that has already been done in the more recent efforts).

Sameer Dandage



आपल्या अभिप्राया बद्दल धन्यवाद!

ब्लुमिंग्टन् नॉर्मल मराठी मंडळ

कार्यक्रमांच्या वृत्तांतासाठी वर्ष निवडाः
२०२३ २०२२ २०२१ २०२० २०१९ २०१८ २०१७ २०१६ २०१५ २०१४ २०१३ २०१२ २०११ २०१० २००९ २००८ २००७ २००६ २००५ २००४ २००३ २००२ २००१ २०००